10 years worth of goo stripped away in minutes

Last year before Christmas, my wife and I decided to have the floors in our home stripped and waxed. We were having a huge Christmas party for all of our family and friends and we noticed that the floor looked terrible. We always talked about having the floor stripped and waxed and the Christmas party was the perfect excuse to go ahead with our plan. My wife called a couple of cleaning services to get prices for the floor cleaning service. It was much more reasonable than we expected, and we found a company that would schedule an appointment during the same week. 2 days later, my wife and I had the floors stripped and waxed. In 10 minutes, 10 years worth of goo and grime were completely stripped away. The floors looked cleaner and brighter than any other time that I can remember. During the Christmas party, a lot of our friends and family commented on the freshly waxed floors. We were happy with the results too. After 10 years of dirt was stripped away from the floors, they looked 5 shades lighter and it really brought a lot of extra light to the living space. It makes the room look much bigger. The cats are having trouble finding a grip on the slick surface, but it’s fun to watch them try. If you have hardwood floors in your home and you have not had the floors strippedand waxed in the past several years, I would recommend having the service completed. I was extremely happy with the results and the whole project only took a weekend.

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