24 Hours left before I Fly Off to A new Life

I need to change the language that I speak just 1 afternoon from now as I get ready to change over to our other life in western Europe.

I know that Google will solve the language barrier issue within another 5 years or so then studying a new language will be a thing of the past for us all.

I’m sure that they are working on some sort of plan that allows us to communicate with all the people, no matter which language they happen to speak. It will particularly be something great that we never even thought of as well as that is actually easy to use, however heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C tech has also come a long way over the years as well as all the people in developed countries use some kind of climate control plan in their homes or businesses. There will be all types of inventions coming out that we never even thought of to make our lives better. The air conditionings as well as heating devices could all be run on solar for all we think in the next few years, making our high power bills a lot more palatable in the process. I would love to not cringe every time I open the envelope for our power bill every other week. I run our central Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C plan quite a bit as well as I love to have freezing air conditioning in our bedroom at evening for sleeping, along with some great heating from our gas heating system while I was enduring the freezing winters. I suppose it will all work out as well as that the technology will make the planet a better place in the near future.

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