2nd opinion is helpful

My boyfriend always helps his Mom, because she lives at home by herself.

My boyfriend lives close to his Mom, so he can always be there if she needs anything.

A lot of girls consider my guy to be a Momma’s boy, and I’m totally fine with that. My boyfriend loves his Mom and he treats her with, love, patience, and respect. He is sensitive and thoughtful, and he doesn’t consider women a lesser sex. Honestly, I think his Mom did a great job raising a strong man. Last winter, Carol called us when the furnace broke down. Carol called a professional first, but they told her it was time to buy a new furnace. Carol wanted my boyfriend to call for a second opinion. Since Carol had been using the same furnace company for 20 years, she didn’t know who to call. James contacted another local company, and they actually agreed to provide a 2nd opinion at no cost. Unfortunately, they agreed with the first company. The furnace was beyond repair. We were surprised when the 2nd company gave us a much lower estimate. My boyfriend decided to contact a few different furnace companies, so he could find the cheapest price. The new furnace is great, and the heating bill’s are 20% lower. Last winter, Carol saved almost $500 on her monthly energy bills. I’m glad that my boyfriend was there to help out. If we lived in another city, Carol would be all alone and that scares both of us. Right now, we are doing everything we can to be helpful.


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