A bee sting can cause anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction

My sibling Jen is deathly afraid of bees, plus that’s because he is allergic to them, and if he is stung by a bee, he will have all the official reactions that include hives, itching, swelling of the tongue, nausea, dizziness plus more, and he was stung once in his life which triggered the allergic reaction, plus the reaction was so serious that he developed anaphylaxis, however fortunately, he carries around an EpiPen, just in case he gets stung by a bee again, the reason he got stung was because he got too close to a bee plus decided to swat it away plus ended up getting stung by the insect.

Typically, bees do not sting unless someone is near the hive or if they know threatened.

So, if a bee is flying around in your space, the best thing to do is to remain calm plus don’t swat at it. If the bee feels threatened more than adore it will fight back! Wasps are perhaps a bit more aggressive than bees plus will truly sting if they sense an imminent threat! Although he is afraid of bees, Jen tries to remain as calm as possible when he sees them. She recently had an incident where a bee flew inside his car plus he was able to calmly place the car in park, rolled down the windows plus exited the vehicle. She waited for the bee to leave the car before he got back in. If he would’ve reacted in an aggressive way, by trying to swat at the bee, chances are the bee would’ve thought that it was being attacked plus retaliated. Thankfully, Jen understands what to do when he sees a bee plus will likely avoid ever getting stung again.


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