A better experience with rug cleaning

It used to cost a ton to have your carpets professionally washed by a reputable corporation.

It’s one of the reasons why grocery stores and Supermarkets started to rent small steam cleaners to homeowners.

When I had my first place, I had a party with some friends. Someone dropped a plate of hot sauce all over the white carpet and the stain would not come out of the floor. I tried several strange floor cleaners plus carpet stain removers, but nothing worked. I finally decided to rent a steam cleaner from a mall kiosk. I paid $40 a day and I rented the steam cleaner for a weekend. I was happily surprised with the results. I took my time to make certain that I removed all of the grime from the carpet. Most of the stain came out, but there was still a lot of water left in the rug after I was finished with the cleaning process. It took several days for the carpet to dry and the whole apartment smells like mildew. Even though the stain was gone, the carpets never smelled good again. I dedicated not to rent another carpet cleaner after that bad time. When I wanted to clean the rugs in my home, I called a professional and well known carpet cleaning service with a truck-mounted engine. They use a special vacuum device that extracts the water from the rugs. Instead of taking several days to dry them, all of the carpets inside my home were dry in less than 24 hours.


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