A blast from the past that should have stayed there.

Cruising up to our summer home the other day I noticed something odd.

Each home that I drove by had a plastic sack lying on the ground near it’s mailbox.

I had no plan for what might be in them but there was one by mine too when I arrived at our own driveway. I cautiously stepped out of our vehicle to snatch the sack & inside I found a iphone book. Can you imagine that? I haven’t seen one of those in ages & I really didn’t know that anyone used them at all anymore. The front of it indicated that it was a supplier listing only book & so I was shocked because I didn’t know people flaunted like this anymore. Whenever you need something these nights you just Google the closest suppliers with the best offers. There is no need to look up a category in the iphone book & pray that you are calling the right one. You can research online reviews & even search for advertising about special discount offers before you ever contact them. When I needed professionals to come and service our Heating & Air Conditioning system I simply typed in the search bar online & numerous came up. I was able to sort them out by customer ranking & then slim our search by the type of system I had. The iphone book will not supply you that kind of information. All it can do is supply you an alphabetical listing of companies that were willing to pay money to be in the book. You have no way of knowing how reliable they are or how many others guess about them.


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