A boiler that does it’s job

In the northeastern region of the country, the winter arrives early and seems to last forever. For about eight months straight, the outside temperature hovers right around freezing. It sometimes dips as low as twenty below zero, and the windchill makes it even colder. Along with the extreme cold, we also get a great deal of snow. We constantly have to plow our driveways, shovel the sidewalks, and dig out vehicles. Because the outside conditions are quite dangerous, we all tend to hide inside. It is essential to have a good working heating system that will operate reliably and efficiently. Since I do my job at home, I huddle in my house the vast majority of time. I wait until we are absolutely desperate before I go out to pick up groceries, and I try to order most things online. I pay all my bills and handle the banking online. I can go for over the week without stepping outside for anything other than to retrieve the mail. I am more than very happy to stay close to my furnace and soak up the heat. I don’t like the cold or the snow, and want to stay warm and cozy at all times. I keep the furnace running constantly, and I do everything possible to relieve my energy costs. I’ve replaced the many windows in my house and have weatherstripped around them. I’ve updated my thermostat to add smart technology, which allows me to manage temperature room-by-room. I also get professional HVAC maintenance for this furnace every fall, to make certain it continues to perform for its best.

smart thermostat