A business without HVAC

For anyone who has opened a business, they know how hectic it is and how easy it is to forget something that needs to be done, and never really got done.

I didn’t even forget to have the HVAC system installed in my business.

I just didn’t realize that there wasn’t any heating or air conditioning. I had my business totally set up during the spring. I had to do my advertising, and make sure I had all of the equipment I needed to do the job. My grand opening was looming and I couldn’t wait. I had a couple of phone calls for my business and I had orders coming in from those brave enough to order food from an unknown. I guess that some people will buy anything if it is on sale. I had samples done and sitting in the cooler and I different types of crudite to serve to my walk in customers. I had already set up some appointments for people to come in and do tastings. I opened the doors to a perfectly sunny day, not even thinking about the temperature going to be in the mid to upper eighties. My first appointment opened the door and walked in and I could see the woman was concerned. She asked about the extreme heat of the building. I work in a kitchen and I don’t really notice heat. I told her I had forgotten to turn on the air conditioning in all of the excitement. As soon as put in her order, I went in search of a thermostat. When I couldn’t find one, I called the HVAC company because I suddenly remembered the realtor had told me the HVAC system had been removed when the old owner moved out.

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