A/C in car goes out and makes for a pit stop

Every summer we take a drive out west to visit our grandkids.

It usually takes us two days.

This time it took quite a bit longer because the air conditioning was not working in our car. When the wife and I set out, the air conditioning was working fine. However, about four hours from home, it just started to get warmer and warmer in the car. My lunch, we were sweating when we stopped to eat. Thankfully, the restaurant we stopped at was air conditioned and the air conditioner worked great. We hoped that giving the car a break would help the air conditioner to work again but it did not. Once we hit the road again we had to stop, after about an hour, at a truck stop for some spray bottles in an attempt to stay cool. Finally, we decided to stop at a hotel a little earlier than usual so that we might find a hotel near a repair shop. We were able to find a place with our map ap. We got our car dropped off and then walked to the hotel, about a block away. The hotel room was so cool and comfortable. They had the air conditioning turned down to 60 for us and we could not have been more grateful. The air conditioner was quiet in the room too so we slept like babies that night. We were not too disappointed that we would have to stay an extra day waiting for our car air conditioner to be fixed either. It gave us a chance to relax in comfort. Knowing our car would be comfortable when driving through the desert the next day was well worth it too.



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