A candle in the window

Powerful storms and inclement weather are a normal occurrence in our neck of the woods.

We live in an area of the country known as “Tornado Alley” and we live on the edge every time the skies darken and the wind blows.

Growing up I remember always seeing a candle burning in the dining room window. This is because mom always watches the flame to see if the wind was blowing. If the candle ever blew out, it meant that the storms were coming and she would ready us for the storm shelter. We lost many of our belongings over the years due to wind and rain. I can’t tell you how many times our outdoor air conditioning units had to be replaced. It was like a revolving door at times and we knew the HVAC technician on a first name basis. We tried everything to try and stake it to the ground better but it was no match for a swirling tornado. I even recall one time when it ended up almost half a mile away in their neighbor’s yard. Being an HVAC technician in an area with such volatile weather keeps you very busy. Not only the repair people, the warehouse people as well because they are constantly having to order new equipment to replace what has been lost. What are the hardest part about the whole thing is the fact that, unless you have a specific form of insurance, your regular homeowners policy will not cover many of these replacements. I love the area in which we live because the temperatures are fairly mild most of the year, but I could do without the storms. To this day I too, keep a candle in the window so that I can be prepared in the event of a tornadic event.


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