A central cooling system

When I finally installed central cooling into my home, I was surprised by the many benefits. Because of the weather in the area where I live, I never felt a whole-home air conditioning system was necessary. Our winter season tends to last between six and eight months, and I spend a fortune on heating bills. It’s such a relief to open the windows, take advantage of fresh air and avoid such high energy bills. However, our brief summer season is often extremely hot and humid. The house would often become terribly overheated and clammy feeling, making it very difficult to relax, be productive or get a good night’s sleep. For quite a few years, I got by with several box fans and portable air conditioners in the bedrooms. I never liked the appearance of the window air conditioners, and they weren’t energy efficient. Plus, only certain rooms were comfortable. Because I already had the air handler in place for the furnace, upgrading to central cooling wasn’t a huge project. I took advantage of a manufacturer’s rebate and a sale offered by a local HVAC company, and was able to choose a top-of-the-line air conditioner without overextending my budget. The air conditioner features adaptable speed technology which makes it especially energy efficient. It keeps the house at a very even and pleasant temperature, no matter what the weather brings. By keeping the windows closed, there’s less dust, exhaust fumes, bugs, pollen and noise pollution. The air conditioner also filters out contaminants, so the house is much cleaner and healthier overall.