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When we called the owners of the airBnB they were less than helpful

I can tell you that I am pretty tired of traveling at this point in my life. I know that everybody talks about how amazing it is to go out and see the world. Everyone wants to present a world traveler lifestyle online, along with their trendy outfits and avocado toast. However, I am not like most people. I feel like I have been on enough uncomfortable road trips and adventures in my lifetime to be completely disillusioned by the entire ordeal. One of the things that I commonly think of is the time that my boyfriend and I decided we were going to take a romantic Mountain getaway trip. We rented an airbnb and were extremely excited to spend some time off the grid. Little did we know, we would be so “off the grid” that we couldn’t even use modern Indoor air temperature control systems. From the moment that we arrived at the rental I noticed that it was cold inside. At that point, it was just a bit chilly. We decided to adjust to the central heating and cooling system to provide a more modern heat to the residents before we left for dinner. When we got back from our meal, however, it was even colder inside. The furnace clearly was not working. We investigated the thermostat, the air vents, and finally the forced air furnace. It was clear that the problem was the heating implement, itself. When we called the owners of the airBnB they were less than helpful. They told us how to get a hold of a local heating and cooling technician. When we called that HVAC worker, he said he was surprised. He hadn’t serviced the heating and cooling system at that house in over 10 years.

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