A crazy DIY boiler fix

The calls received in a home comfort business during Fall are far less than the ones received in winter or summer.

For us working in a heating corp, the employer is more pleased to sign your leave papers than if you were asking for leave during winter when a heating provider is a household name.

Central heating is still the most commonly used home heating method, which means there is never a short supply of furnace jobs and other kinds of boiler services. Most people do not contact the home comfort business unless their system has shut down. In recent times I saw a person who was no longer interested in having a fireplace and so she had it removed. Last year in November I got a call to deliver a furnace filter for sale and when I got there the homeowner requested that I show him how to replace the furnace filter since I was also there for a boiler repair so naturally, I agreed. When I inspected the system I was met with the most intense DIY fix. There was duct tape everywhere and even parts of equipment that were not supposed to belong to any heating system. I did not know where to call it the work of a genius or a very confused man. The inspection revealed that the homeowner would need new HVAC equipment because he was beyond anything I had seen in my career as a heating technician. There was little I could do, what I did probably helped it to run q for a day or two but that was it. I told him to think about which heater for sale that he wanted and any questions he might have. He was free to go to a heating provider for professional advice and learn more about heating.

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