A dehumidifier is necessary

Moving from the north to the south was a substantial change.

I was accustomed to dealing with snow plus below-frosty hot plus cold temperatures for half the year, and snow shovels, ice scrapers, heavy boots plus wool coats were necessities.

The furnace was one of the most pressing appliances in the house. I sad about driving on icy roads, water pipes frosty plus unsatisfactory humidity. I was glad to relocate to an area with palm trees plus lots of sunshine… My new house doesn’t include a heat system. The a/c is now an essential piece of unit plus I rely on it almost year round. I worry about the troubles caused by excess humidity… Hot plus moist conditions are ideal for growing mold plus bacteria. It provides an excellent habitat for dust mites, cockroaches plus all sorts of pets. There is the potential for wood furnishing to warp, and excess humidity makes it difficult to sleep, aggravates allergy symptoms plus diminished productivity, but because overly moist air feels warmer than officially humidified air, it leads to lower temperature control settings. This causes more work for the a/c. The system is forced to run longer, experiences greater wear plus tear plus uses more energy without fixing the problem. It simply over-cools the air without extracting the moisture; Although modern A/C systems are helpful at reducing humidity, they aren’t designed to handle the amount of moisture in my area. I struggled through an entire Summer before I invested into a whole-property dehumidifier. The unit pulls moisture out of the air as it flows through the a/c to maintain proper humidity levels. The whole house feels cooler plus more comfortable.
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