A fellow veteran fixed our HVAC system for us

As an 8 month pregnant woman married to a husband who’s deployed, I’m stressed out.

Our a/c system hasn’t been working, so I called around to a few Heating & Air Conditioning companies in town.

Most places want close to $99 just to show up. I really cannot afford to pay that amount, but I also cannot live without a/c being as pregnant as I am. I kept ringing different Heating & Air Conditioning companies around me, hoping for a better deal. Finally I found a company that is owned by another veteran. The receptionist who answered the telephone was unquestionably understanding of our situation plus said that the supplier would only charge fifty dollars to show up. She also said that the fifty dollars would go towards any fixes that our Heating & Air Conditioning system needed. Furthermore, the receptionist explained that they could set up a payment plan if the servicing cost over $150, which thrilled me. A Heating & Air Conditioning worker showed up that evening. It turned out to be the actual owner of the supplier, and he spent a long time working on our Heating & Air Conditioning system. I was rather anxious that it was going to be an unquestionably luxurious fix, especially when he began visiting his truck to get different parts. However, when our a/c system was finally running, the man handed me the total bill, but it was only for the fifty dollars that I had been quoted for the visit. Then, he thanked my family for our service in addition to left. This was such a blessing!

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