A fine meal should also have fine HVAC comfort

I don’t consider myself a snob.

  • Mainly, I suppose it’s because I don’t think I am any better than any other person trying to live here on earth.

It’s not so easy to be a human. Particularly now that we are dealing with so much financial uncertainty and added pressures. That’s why enjoying the finer things in life are important to my wife and I. We have never really been sitting inside the HVAC of our home sort of couple. Our interests are wide and varied. We get our exercise outside the HVAC confines of a gym. Both of us prefer a road trip to the poor HVAC conditions on a plane. But a big thing for us is to dine. Our career background is in the hospitality industry so we both have a long history of good chefs and impeccable food. Unfortunately, our favorite place to eat is also one of the most uncomfortable places I have ever set foot in. That’s not a knock on the interior design or anything. In fact, this restaurant is well appointed and features almost all the elements a diner finds essential. But, there is a big one they are missing out on and it’s the HVAC. I simply can’t find a comfortable place in that dining room. If we get too close to the kitchen, I find myself sweating over my entree. And that is not due to the spice. The reason is the HVAC is unsuitable. However, the further you get from the kitchen it immediately gets too cold. My wife ends up wearing my blazer every time we go there. I finally asked the manager to pass on a letter to the owner. In it, I simply stated that we will not be back until the HVAC situation is properly considered.

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