A fireplace or a heating system

The age aged question came up today while I was at lunch with a few workmates. They were talking about uncommon forms of heating, and all of us got into a debate about weather a fireplace or a heating system of some kind was best for heating your home; All of us are all certified heating and air conditioner specialists. I thought I should mention that part! But anyway, it was shocking to see that as certified heating and air conditioner specialists, all of us couldn’t easily come up with a definitive answer to that question! Of course fireplaces have their perks as well as heaters. It all depended easily on what type of heating you have with your heating system to decide if a fireplace is better or not, however when it comes to central heating, a fireplace may be a bit better in terms of energy use. However when it comes to actual whole new home heating, the central furnace wins hands down. But when you want to compare a fireplace to say something care about a space heater…then the fireplace would win out and be the best method of heating. A fireplace can achieve whole room heating, but not whole new home heating, so really, all of us decided by the end of our lunch that there is no right or wrong answer to this question! Fireplaces and gas furnaces both have their benefits. End of story. All of us paid our bill and headed back to the heating and air conditioner supplier where all of us work. Funny enough, I had a task when I got back to service a fireplace! How ironic was that?

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