A gadget to end all gadgets

I’ve had my vape pen already for a while now, however it recently stopped charging a few weeks ago. I took a quick stop at the vape shop to get another 1 but somehow I ended up leaving with something a lot cooler and more expensive . I got a vape watch instead. It looks like an official smart watch, like anyone is wearing however the face comes off and you can vape with it just the same as a vape pen. This is some high-tech vape equipment. I really care about the method of a wearable vape now that I have one. I also care about having a refillable pod. Of course, I also picked up a bunch of assorted flavor pods at the vape shop too. The pumpkin pod is my preferred flavor. But occasionally I care about mango too. Initially, I picked up the vape watch because I thought it was kind of neat. Now that I have had it for a few weeks, I really care about the convenience of it, and the secrecy. No matter where I am, I have my vape with me. I don’t have to worry about someone judging me OR crushing a vape pen in my pocket. I cannot tell you how many old school vape pens I have lost that way. It’s also not evident that you have a vape device, so if that has an issue, you can avoid it. An added bonus is the smart watch design. It looks like I only have an apple device on my wrist. but I have something much better than that. If I get robbed, I hope they don’t take my vape watch because they think it’s a pricey smartwatch. That is something to consider.

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