A good birthday surprise

For the past various weeks or so, I have been driving to as well as from work without any air conditioning, but i recognize where you are thinking, what is the big deal? But all the people just would not entirely be that big of a problem or anything to bring up in a conversation, but being from the deep south as well as having an hour-long commute to work each day it becomes a genuinely extreme problem! I would have hide the air conditioning units repaired by a certified auto repair tug a long time ago, but my fiance as well as I have been saving up for a new lake house so money is tight.

I have tried everything from bringing along mini fan to keep me cool off, as well as even a damp towel to arena on my head but none of it did much except make me miss the air conditioning even more.

Then on the morning of my birthday when I was walking out to my vehicle heading to work, I noticed that something look different. As I open the door as well as looked in my car, I noticed that there was a brand new state-of-the-art air conditioning component installed! I abruptly glanced up as well as I saw my fiance smiling from ear-to-ear. Apparently she had been sneaking around as well as hired a Heating as well as A/C repair Tech who gave her a big discount due to it being my 40th birthday. I recognize it might not seem love much, but it is such a blessing to be able to blast some cool air from Air Conditioning now driving to work rather than being miserable the entire time. I am so thankful my fiance for surprising me on my birthday, as well as I am also so thankful for Heating as well as A/C repair tech giving me a special birthday discount!

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