A good piece of a/c equipment

Last week, by boss promoted me to supervisor of my store. I’ve been working at this particular convenience store for several years, plus I was ecstatic to receive a promotion finally. My convenience store sells items such as coffee, popcorn, plus chilly drinks. Every one of us also have lottery tickets, gas, plus beer. I was easily excited about the promotion, because it was a nice raise. I also gained benefits plus 2 weeks of paid vacation. It’s only been a short while, but being a supervisor has been a difficult experience. It’s been a single problem after another, plus the boss does not seem to be especially helpful from day to day. Not so long ago, a single one of our drink coolers stopped working for us. I did not realize the cooler wasn’t actually working, until somebody decided to complain about a hot soda in the refrigerator. I checked the cooler, plus the indoor thermometer was really showing 71 degrees. I instantaneously called the Heating plus A/C machine supplier that services our gas station refrigeration machine. They did not have a Heating plus A/C machine worker available to meet our demand. I waited for the whole day, before they sent a Heating plus A/C worker to handle the problem with the refrigerator. During that time, every one of us lost close to $600 worth of dairy merchandise. After the Heating plus A/C machine worker was able to handle the problem with our cooler, we had a significant problem with the gas pumps. I was actually thinking it would be simple to be a supervisor, but I’m just running around basically like a chicken with no head. I should have never accepted the promotion in the first place, plus now I wish that I could go back to being a typical shift employee. There honestly is not enough money in the world to deal with these irritating concerns.

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