A good summer

Every one of my friends as well as myself genuinely work at a multiple office building. Every one of us have been pretty happy during the last month, because the big boss is wore out in the field working on business decisions. Everyone around here was constantly feeling great, especially after having a month without any upper management. Everyone of us felt they were kneeling to care in the least apart about those decisions. Every one of my co-workers as well as myself I hated to see them taking these large extravagant vacations only to come back to ruin our office atmosphere. That happened last week when the CEO came back from a corporate meeting overseas. He came through the office like a whirlwind of a cyclone as well as screamed at every person for something. His biggest pet peeve seemed to be all of the extra money we spent in Prior multiple weeks on the heating, ventilation, as well as cooling plan. Everyone of us. The guy had lost his mind. He had someone come to place a padlock over the temperature control unit. Every one of us were really surprised and shocked, especially after the temperature was set to 73 degrees. The dude didn’t care if every one of us would be miserable, because he was only thinking about the money that was spent by the company. It was easily a big mess up and none of us wanted to pop open that temperature control just to change the air conditioner to a lower temperature. I guess that machine actually worked like it should.


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