A heating repair emergency at work

On this particular day, getting to work was such a hustle because of visibility issues, and then when I got into the building, it felt like I had walked into a cold room. My first thought was that someone had forgotten to reset the thermostat, but the problem with that theory was that it was an intelligent regulator. It did not require resetting, and it did that on its own. The only colleague who had arrived made a joke saying that someone might have poured all the snow they shoveled from their driveway on the furnace. Since only the two of us were present at the time, we called the heating dealer, and as expected, they would take longer to get there because of the state of the roads. I kept myself busy searching for a small portable heating device on the internet just in case it would not be the last time we would find ourselves in a similar situation. After three hours, the HVAC professional showed up. I was surprised to see only one heating technician leave the heating company truck. I was so happy to see the repairman that I decided to follow him and lucky for me he didn’t mind the company. He did the heating repair and said he would be back to do the complete heating maintenance, duct sealing, and cleaning with the rest of his crew. During that time, I knew the building ran on an electric heater. From what I saw, HVAC installation was a complex procedure with many cables and pipes of different sizes. I also asked for the heating dealership’s contact information because I needed to have my fireplace and heating equipment serviced.


a/c worker