A hectic schedule ruined my HVAC system.

Ok, going to school, raising three kids, and working part time have me grasping at straws most days just to survive.

When my husband left us I had no choice but to make some major lifestyle changes.

Thankfully the kids are all school age so daycare really hasn’t been a problem, however, I just can’t seem to get a handle on where everyone needs to be all the time, let alone myself. I work during the day and go to school at night. Smoe of my classes are online which helps but there are times when I need to get someone to stay at the house while I am away. One night, while I was in class, my phone kept going off. I was embarrassed so I just silenced it and figured the kids were just arguing or something. When class ended I looked at my phone and sway that I have ten missed calls. I panicked at that point and called home right away. There was no answer so I called the sitter on her cell phone. She said that they were all at my neighbor’s house because something had gone wrong with the heat at my place. Seeing as it was the dead of winter, heat was an important factor. I knew that my HVAC system was old and one day it would need to be replaced. Funding and time had been an issue and I had hoped to make it through another year before needing to do that. With my crazy schedule, I had neglected to even have it serviced for over a year. I called my folks and they took us in for a few nights until the HVAC system could be repaired. I made sure to set an appointment for spring to figure out my options for replacement too.

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