A hospital HVAC mechanic

For over five years, I had been working at the local hospital. When I got this job, I thought that I would be taking out the trash, cleaning some rooms and taking care of some minor repairs. I was so surprised when they sent me to school so I could learn how to do some minor HVAC repairs. I wasn’t so sure about needing to go into the patient rooms. I was one of those people who closely guarded my privacy and I was unsure of how some people would react when I came into their rooms to work on their thermostats or HVAC system. After a couple months, I found that the patients welcomed my presence in their room. If there was a HVAC system repair that needed to be done, it was to make them more comfortable. I loved working on the HVAC systems and getting to know some of the patients. Many of them acted like you weren’t even there, which was okay with me, but many of them treated you like you were their friend. Last month, the hospital offered to send me to HVAC school. I signed up for a job change which involved working with the HVAC equipment that was for the main hospital. I had to have the training so I could be certified and I was excited to start. It didn’t take long for me to agree to the training. If it didn’t work out for me in the hospital, I would have HVAC mechanic and Certified Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning specialist to add to a resume.


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