A Kid Had Many nostalgic Memories

The people I spend my days with plus some of my friends have always spent summers at the sea. These events were much of our fulfillment during summer weeks. Well spending time at the sea, the people I was with plus myself usually spent the days plus some of the evenings at the arcade or over by the boardwalk. The people I was with plus myself could ride our bikes over to the boardwalk + spend most of the day there. Sometimes the people I was with plus myself would have a couple of bite to spend at the arcade. The people plus myself love being able to spend multiple hours at the arcade, because they had the best AC. Back then, there weren’t a lot of places that had cold AC. You could go to the casinos, but not if you were a kid. The wonderful Boardwalk arcade was one of the only places where kids could go plus still enjoy cold AC. Unfortunately, they would kick you out if you didn’t have court. The people I was with plus myself would try to spend our quarters wise late, so we could spend a bulk of the day on my way from the sunshine and heat. I still walk down the boulevard sometimes plus smell the nostalgia in the air. When the people I was with plus myself get close to the arcade, The Sounds, smells, plus are remind us of times when we were younger and things were a whole lot easier. Now it’s difficult to get away each year.