A lesson learned about heat during the winter

Last year, I did not anticipate the winter at all.

I was so busy with working on selling my neighbor’s house then that I completely neglected mine.

After my regular work, I made my dog and myself some dinner. I then locked my house and went over to the house across from mine and cleaned. I also checked every corner and every space to see if any unwanted furry intruder was able to make it inside. When I was done with the upper floors, I went down to the basement and checked the dark corners as well. I cleaned there and made sure the boxes were stacked up as neatly as the last time. The boxes were filled with old items that belonged to my friend, who already lived abroad. After that, I went to the other side of the basement to check the HVAC system. I was trained as an HVAC technician before I became an engineer. Unfortunately, because I was so busy with my friend’s house, I completely forgot my own HVAC system. Snow fell the next day. I turned up my heater, but it didn’t improve the heating in my house. I tried my best to repair it, but I needed parts. The snow was falling too heavily for me to drive to the HVAC supply store. I had no choice but to pack and close my house. My dog and I moved into my friend’s house. I called him and told him what happened. He said it was completely fine. The heating in his house felt wonderful. My dog fell asleep on the couch immediately. This year, I know better than to neglect my HVAC system before winter.

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