A little heated flooring

Getting up at 3am weekly is not easy! I have to do this because I have a legitimately long drive to my work; It takes me a few hours on the road to get there, however things can get to be a real hassle as well as a major headache in the Winter time months of the year because it is so cold.

And when it is cold out there, it takes me much longer to shower & get going when I get up.

This is why after a few years of this endless loop, I ended up investing in radiant heated floors for our bathroom! Having the radiant floors made it so I could wake up & not be freezing cold when I went to get in the shower. I would have the temperature control of the thermostat on the wall for the radiant heated floors set at a high temperature of 74 degrees about a half hour or so before I would get in the shower. I would eat our lunch in the meantime while the radiant heated floors were heating up in the bathroom. I used to run a space heater machine in the bathroom, but, it gets so cold in the Winter time here, that the space heating system doesn’t constantly task legitimately well. These radiant floors truly heat that bathroom up as if it is the hot summer months… You would have no idea what so ever that it is sometimes below 0 outside. This is all thanks to the big investment I made into the radiant heated floors in our very own bathroom! It took me a while to save up to get these radiant floors with the heated system! But now I actually got them and it is great!


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