A Loud thunderstorm

Last night it was pouring rain very heavily.

It was coming down so strong that it was making a major racket on our roof and I had trouble sleeping because of this.

It also had become freezing cold as well, the cold caused me to have to crank the heater up. I usually have our temperature control set at 73 degrees because it usually does not get cold easily this time of the year over here where I live, however, because of the rain I had to crank the heater up to 77 degrees! I am so glad this doesn’t happen all the time. Because the cost to run a furnace can be expensive if it runs all of the time. Now where I used to live it was freezing for many months out of the year, and our energy bills were through the roof! That is one of the many reasons I decided to live where I did. Also, when I moved I ended up getting a brand modern central heating and air conditioning unit. The HVAC that was in this home when I moved in was completely broken down and so old. The home itself was 100 years old. Because of the age of the house, that was a reason I was nervous about this huge thunderstorm we were having and how it was pounding the roof! Thankfully in the end, no damage to the roof was done and I did not have to crank our heating unit the rest of the season. It was a one time experience.

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