A major risk that I took with my HVAC system

I think one of the biggest risks I took was not getting my HVAC system tune-up before the winter season.

I knew that it would be devastating if the heating system were to fail in the winter season, but I went ahead with the risk anyway because I was really short on funds. I also wanted to be able to afford presents for Christmas so the kids could have a good holiday season. Well, we just barely made it to the end of the winter when we started experiencing troubles with the heating system. I was happy that we made it that far, because by that time I could afford to have a proper tune-up to both the heating and cooling systems. This is honestly the type of risk that I typically won’t take because I know how important it is to keep up with all your HVAC system maintenance. Fortunately, I got some good news recently from a good friend of mine. He was telling me that I could actually save big money on the HVAC system maintenance by enrolling in an HVAC system maintenance plan with a reputable HVAC company. So I decided to do just that, and it’s amazing to me how much money we are saving now. With this fantastic HVAC system maintenance plan, we will never have to take the risk of not getting our HVAC system tune-ups ever again, and all for such a low cost! You really can’t go wrong because everything is covered except for the air filter changes. You even get up to 5 repairs per year and that doesn’t cost extra. I guess they are confident to give you so many repairs because they know the chances of the HVAC breaking down are unlikely with all the work they do.

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