A mentor in need of an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professional's advice

I got a call from our trainer entirely early in the morning, which was odd since our sessions were in the evening.

The call had nothing to do with our training sessions but about the gym itself.

During some of our sessions, I told him I am an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professional laboring with the local heating business. The building had recently updated to a heat pump, plus I was section of the team that did the heat pump installation. It was due for gas furnace service since it was a month shy of a year since the installation. During the call, he told me that they wanted to add a new bathroom to the gym that was more convenient for persons with disabilities. He wanted to know, from a heating worker’s perspective, whether they would need new heating component due to the new addition. He was entirely excited about this project since he would be doing something to improve his clients’ gym experience. He also wanted to learn more about heating plus how the whole home heating system works to help with indoor comfort. Since I knew the heating contractor the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C was from plus the size, I knew it would be enough to service the new washroom. He also advocated that I tell him when I would be available to check out his fireplace since he wanted to switch from wood burning to gas. During our evening session, we planned to talk in detail about his heating industry needs… When we were done talking, it was time to prepare myself plus go to work. I had barely settled in when a client called needing a heating dealer to supply plus install a smart thermostat in their arena


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