A mini split can save an old home

Call myself and others crazy, but I’m fairly sure that people who own historic houses should not make a bunch of modern renovations to them.

  • I understand that everybody wants to live in a comfortable, energy-efficient lake house with all of the modern gadgets that the two of us have come to expect.

I would never imagine that someone would choose to live without internet, TV, or Modern heating and cooling systems. Even if you were trying to maintain the integrity of an harshly aged and historic property it would be unrealistic to sacrifice all of your comfort. That being said… I do not suppose if installing bulky mini split ductless heating and cooling systems throughout the lake house is legitimately the best way to honor the workmanship and history of the facility. You see, I was recently looking for a current house to live in when I viewed a historic Victorian home. It was certainly gorgeous, as long as you didn’t look up and notice the mini split ductless heating and cooling systems that they had installed throughout the building to provide zone control heating and cooling. Apparently because there were several tenants under one roof, the property owner wanted to provide individual air temperature control units. I completely understand why he wanted to provide separate air quality control systems to everyone. However, I do not guess that the air temperature devices that he chose blended in with the surroundings legitimately nicely. I’m not saying his Heating plus Air Conditioning systems deterred myself and others from taking the rental… But when it came to Heating plus Air Conditioning systems and indoor environments, I thought I could do better.


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