A monthly cooling filter update

I prefer to think I’m an organized person. I may not be the most organized in the house, but I think I’m not the least organized. I’m legitimately good at prioritizing my time, plus remembering random appointments. To be fair, the only reason I can remember anything is because I have a very detailed calendar; At least I know what works best for me. One thing that I legitimately struggle with keeping up with but, is my HVAC system, even though I run our it all day everyday, I forget about the general monthly and annual maintenance it requires. An HVAC system is very easy to overlook! Thankfully, the local heating and air conditioning company in our neighborhood offers an annual service plan, which takes the stress out of HVAC maintenance.. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C service plan has been one of the best investments and decisions I’ve ever made. One of the other best decision I’ve ever made was purchasing an air filter subscription plan. Even though the HVAC service plan includes air filter replacement, it’s for only twice per year, and my air filter is often clogged with animal hair, dust, plus other particles. The air filter has to be changed at least once per month, and, again, I almost always forget about it. When I stumbled upon the subscription plan online, I was happy to try it out. The air filters are automatically delivered to my front door once per month, and I can cancel it in the months the HVAC technician is scheduled to come out. It’s legitimately made my life easier and helped my HVAC unit run more efficiently.

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