A neighbor stops over for some cool a/c

Just resting here about to doze off in my excellent a/c and then my pal and I hear a knock at my door.

I am most honestly not expecting any company so I really don’t want to spend time with anyone but I got up anyways and answered the door.

There was my buddy, Arnold, just seeing what I was doing. He told me that he has been dripping with sweat like crazy and wants a neighbor he can chill out with, no pun intended but he wanted some central a/c. Apparently, his a/c broke this week as well which is kind of funny since I had a cooling expert at my property in the day this week. He told me that the Heating and A/C company wouldn’t have a cooling tech come out till the day tomorrow. So he was wondering if he could hang out and possibly crash on my couch tonight. I have nothing planned so sure, why not? I told him I was going to be lazy for lunch however if he wants to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that is what I plan on eating. This week has been a day of eating like a kid… Chicken nuggets for lunch and a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Arnold didn’t care, he just wanted to feel good air quality for the evening so he can sleep well. The heat got to him a bit and he didn’t want to deal with it anymore. It’s only 6 pm so I asked if he’d be interested in seeing a film. He said, “Let’s go.” I feel this evening turned into a film evening.


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