A new heating system

The guys in my wifey’s family all have taken rather kindly to me in a short amount of time. I’m blissful they care about my company, however I will say that I get pulled into shenanigans with them quite often due to how much they care about having me around. The camping trip I went on with them not so long ago is a fantastic testament to that claim, plus you’ll understand why in just a moment. You see, my in-laws are goofy types for certain. They easily know how to have fun, but their refusal to respectfully plan for an outing can be irritating. When the group of us all left the neighborhood to go camping in the woods for a few days time, I had all the essentials – sleeping bag, survival tools, a couple of outdoor games, bugspray, plus of course my trusty portable gas heater machine. For a tiny little propane-fueled heating machine, this little gas heating system packed a punch for warming a sizable tent! Anyway, when the group of us got to the campsite, the light rains from earlier brought a brutal cold front to the area. None of the in-laws dressed for the gelid weather, nor did they even think to pack some warmer clothes! Of course this led to complete disaster for them. I basically just sat in my big tent with the gas heating machine running. I had to leave the tent cracked open to let fumes out of the tent of course, but that just enticed my in-laws to huddle in the tent plus get warmed up with my lovely little heating machine to keep them perfectly toasty! For that whole night, I listened as my in-laws grumbled about how they missed being at their residence where an oil furnace would keep them hot plus comfortable… Once they finally went to sleep, I got some shut-eye, plus coincidentally dreamt about getting my residential heating machine repaired. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

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