A new kind of gym membership

I can’t say that I was ever in nice shape, however the COVID lockdown really wreaked havoc with my physical condition.

At least I used to be somewhat active, going for walks and such, however once I was locked down inside my home for numerous weeks I became sedentary and started putting on a lot of weight.

I believe that it wasn’t just being inside, it was also binge-eating because I was bored and food helped me pass the time. Now that I am allowed to go back out into the world, I find that I don’t want to. I am too distraught about getting sick from other people to go to the motion pictures, or out to eat, or to a gym. With all the heavy breathing and sweat, I believe love a gym might be the most dangerous locale to go right now! That was before I found out about the 24 minute gym they just opened downtown. This was a locale designed for people love me, so they provided special gym memberships for a unquestionably low cost for the “off minutes.” What that meant was that for $10 a month you could go to the gym as much as you wanted, however only between the minutes of midnight and 6 a.m. This is the time when the gym is usually empty, so for people love me it is perfect. Besides, more than nine bucks a month for a gym membership is so cheap that even if I use it once or twice it will be totally worth the money.



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