A new milestone marked by new HVAC

On a weekend when I was cleaning the garage,I came across an old family album that had pictures of me and my siblings growing up.

  • I used the detached garage and the house garage was used as a storage room.

I was clearing the garage for easier access to the central heating system by the heating technician when he came. I had had enough boiler repair to finally admit that I needed new HVAC to replace my old boiler. I was quite diligent when it came to furnace filter replacement because I not only did it regularly but I always chose the best furnace filter for sale. For the new equipment, I had done sufficient research on the best and energy-efficient heater for sale that the heating corp had to offer. After my research and consultation with the heating provider, I opted for one that allowed zoning. The other good thing was that I could finally get rid of my dial thermostat and had a smart one instead. Through that whole journey, I got to learn so much more about heating and the common mistakes we make that shorten the lifespan of a heating/cooling system. From what I had learned heating maintenance was not optional so I scheduled annual maintenance with the home comfort business. It was my biggest upgrade since I got that house and started living on my own. When I was done with that awaited upgrade I finally moved to the other renovations that my house needed such as adding a new bathroom and including a fireplace in the master bedroom which was something I always dreamt of since I was a little girl.
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