A new task to learn about

I firmly believe that current men as well as women have it so damn easy they lose any concept of what it means to actually survive, however listen, I swear am not being preachy here I am as guilty as anyone else.

I recently had a car accident in the desert a couple years ago, as well as at that point I realized I didn’t believe how to fix it. I wanted to walk for help to get out of there, but I was too remote so I slept in the car as well as managed to eventually hail down a ride with a trucker the next hot afternoon. I realized then that I had zero survival skills, as well as clearly could barely take care of myself. Without the car oil furnace I swear I almost froze because I didn’t even believe how to start a fire on my own without matches! After that I realized I had to learn how to do a variety of things for myself as well as not rely on machines for food, water, indoor light, as well as heating. When you suppose about it, the good old gas or electric powered oil furnace is a certainly modern invention, at least in the history of humanity. For centuries, even maybe millennia, people had only fire to use for heating, light, as well as any sort of cooking, can you imagine? I decided that I needed to quickly learn how to make a fire from scratch, using whatever I could find, so I would never have to go without heating in a pinch again. I will also always carry a lighter on my person, just in case.

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