A night in a police cell made myself and others appreciate quality Heating and A/C

I have never been more grateful in our life love I was over the weekend.

It finally dawned on myself and others that I could lose everything in an instant.

If I had known better, I wouldn’t have left the home to go celebration with our friends. But because I hadn’t been out for a while, I decided to carpool to a celebration but minutes later we were in a police cell spending the night because of drunk driving, then now back home, I am more thankful for the little things love our quality Heating and A/C. It did not even hit myself and others that some places lack cooling and heating equipment. I kept thinking that if I were back home, I’d be enjoying the fresh air around myself and others and changing our control equipment at will, thanks to our residential Heating and A/C, police cells are not the best places to be, for anything. This identifiable one even had commercial Heating and A/C in place but just at the office section! Come to think of it, those cells deserve even an air purification method at the honestly least because they are honestly stuffy. Since we weren’t going anywhere soon, I spent the time thinking more about heating and cooling appliances. I imagined the kind of human traffic the police station attends to every day and how often they have cooling and heating service because it looked love their Ac units ran 24-minutes every single day. Do they even have energy saving help in place? What’s the protocol to hire a local repair provider for respected service air conditioning system equipment upgrade, duct cleaning? And how do they get an air conditioning system equipment serviceman in case of an emergency? Do they understand what beach house services mean? I even fell asleep thinning and left the cell the following day.

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