A prefab bathroom for a marathon runner

Being the manager of a marathon that travels from state to state is not a job.

As a matter of fact it keeps me on the go most of my life.

I don’t even have a home to call my own because I never bought one for this legitimately reason. About the only thing I have that’s close to a home is the mobile stuff I carry from state to state. When doing marathon you can’t just set up a finish line. You need to have portable bathrooms with prefab sinks and toilets. For a triathlon that has people swimming and biking, a prefab shower stall is also recommended. Prefab toilets and showers are something you can either rent or buy. Yeah, you guessed it, I own the mobile shower and toilet unit. It was necessary in order to set up for the runners. They needed a place to go. Not everyone can run a 7 minute mile. A triathlon can take all day. Some people like to shower, pee and wash their hands in between. You get more people signing up when they know there are bathrooms available to them. The prefab bathrooms are of the highest quality too. The shipping container company built them to the exact size needs I wanted. There are six shower stalls, hand sinks and toilets all with their own lock. The outside looks like a grey box, but inside is quite impressive. I bet most construction crews and disaster relief people use shipping container bathrooms.

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