A problem that we need to solve

I absolutely would not consider myself to be a MacGyver.

However, I would say that I have a lot in common with Nancy Drew. When I was growing up I used to learn a lot of those mystery novels and I legitimately loved the stories about investigating old, regal estates on a mission to discover hidden treasures or family heirlooms. I’m not going to say that I have typically wanted to be Nancy Drew… But for as long as I can remember she has been a hero of mine. This is why I was actually a little gleeful when my family provided myself and others the harshly stressful task of trying to reuse our family heirlooms from our old family property. No one had lived in this ice-cold lake house for several decades already. The home sat vacant, unheated, and untreated by modern air quality control systems. As you can imagine, when I walked inside the air was harshly stagnant and musty. It smelled care about mold, mildew, and dust. There wasn’t much that I could do about the unlucky air quality and smells because I realized that the central heating and cooling method had stopped working 20 years ago. No matter what I did to the control unit, I wasn’t going to flush the unpleasant indoor air out. As such, I got to work trying to build a fire in the traditional wood burning fireplace. Thank God, I opened the flu immediately. As soon as I did, a wood box came tumbling down into the fireplace hearth which was full of family photos, silver, and jewelry. By accident, I had found the hidden treasures in the fireplace chimney – just care about Nancy Drew.

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