A real need for Zone Control

The first thing my husband and I did when we moved into our house, was to install Zone Control. There was a perfectly good HVAC system in the home, but there wasn’t any Zone Control. The entire heating and air conditioning system was run by one thermostat. We had eight children, so our home was very large. We had six bedrooms and three bathrooms, along with a formal dining room and a den for homework and library books. Counting the living room, kitchen, regular dining room and the enclosed patio, we had twelve rooms in the house, and all were the same temperature. We knew that it had to be expensive to run the heating and the air conditioning, if there wasn’t any Zone Control. We called the HVAC company and asked if they could please come out and check out the house. They cleaned the ductwork and installed the Zone Control. The entire job was done in a couple days. It was good to know that we would be able to shut down the heating and air conditioning in the rooms that weren’t in use. Our oldest son and oldest daughter had their own rooms, so they had special needs when it came to HVAC needs. They practically lived in their rooms. The other six, shared rooms. Our two girls shared a room and the four boys decided who got to share with whom. They made their decision on who most liked the same temperature in their rooms. They made wise choices since they had to live with it for at least ten years.


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