A real scare there

One of the scariest afternoons of our life would absolutely be when our mother fell into a coma, however it was an early November day, and I had just gotten out of the shower and started making dinner! My iPhone rang and I picked it up.

It was our father.

His voice was shaky and quiet, and he said to rush to our hospital as swiftly possible, and the fact that he did not explain anything to me, only terrified me more. I was smashing the gas the entire drive to the hospital, then countless thoughts pounded in our head. What happened? Is someone sick? Or disfigured? Or…dead? The last one terrified me, and I pushed our thoughts to the side. I arrived and saw our tearful family. My father tried to explain what happened, but all that came out was a choking sob. The hospital staff explained our mother was in a head on collision with another car, and it didn’t look good. I sat by her bedside, and prayed. I became so paranoid, the slightest sounds bothered me, like the beeping of the machines in the background… Or the cooling breeze in the room, and even the A/C turning on and off. I spent everyday by her bedside and prayed; After what felt like an eternity, she did come out. It was a long and slow process of getting her feeling better and back onto her feet. But I was just thankful she was alive, however ever since then, I can no longer appreciate AC, it continually reminds me of the hospital, and how they typically had their noisy cooling plan running.

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