A routine guy

I try not to stray away from what I know.

I like things a certain way.

I get up every morning, brew some coffee, eat my breakfast, get ready for the day, and then head off to work. I would also try and change the air filter to my Heating & Air Conditioning unit once per month, and call for Heating & Air Conditioning service every few months to make sure everything was in top ship shape. I liked to adjust the temperature control at certain times in the day plus just to make sure everything worked properly. I started to become more friendly with my coworkers and we’d go out a lot. This changed my routine a bit. We would go out and have a great time. This wasn’t my proper routine at all, but it was nice to hang out with people for a change. This is when I started neglecting things and forgot certain parts of my normal routine. I wasn’t changing my air filter on time, plus I would forget to call for my Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance service. I started to ask my friends how they kept up with their Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance service. One friend told me she has a service come out and do it all for her. This Heating & Air Conditioning service reminded her about when she needed to get certain things done. Pretty much everything would be covered for a low yearly rate. I thought that was worth it if they remind me about the service appointments. I thought this was brilliant and enrolled in a Heating & Air Conditioning service plan with my friends suggested company! This will allow me to keep my new-found social life.

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