A stream of information

My child was involved in an accident last week. Julie was driving to the mall with two of her friends in the car. Julie admitted that she was listening to the radio, but she was obeying all other traffic signals. She was in the slow lane on the thruway when another car swerved into her. The two cars both went off the road. The guy had failed to check his blind spot for another automobile in the lane. The guy was written a citation. Julie’s car experienced some minor damage that was covered by insurance. Fortunately, neither Jule or her friends were hurt.  They were all quite shaken up by the experience. The next morning, in our mailbox, I found multiple flyers from local accident attorneys. I found this strange but assumed it to be coincidence. The next day, however, we received several more pieces of solicitation mail from accident attorneys. Over the following week, we opened correspondence from at least twelve different accident or personal injury attorneys. I am not certain how these lawyers were aware of Julie’s car accident. I suppose someone is keeping track of a police scanner, listening to police calls  for accidents. Accident reports are public knowledge, so it’s not difficult to find the names and addresses of victims of automobile accidents. Honestly, I see is as an invasion of privacy. If I was interested in contacting an attorney, I would. They are not hard to find. There are ads for accident and injury attorneys everywhere. They rent out giant Billboards on the streets. They put commercials on TV and ads in the newspapers.

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