A total waste for our HVAC

I try to admit our mistakes as much as I can, and plus, I have never been a stranger to accidents around the cabin & throughout our job as a student.  College & the our subsequent 20s were filled with frustrations & failures however I managed to get back up on our feet & transport forward growing as a lady each time.  In all of the adversity I have faced with our mistakes in our life, few have ever made me believe more poor about myself than when I told our partner a few weeks ago that I had discovered why our electricity bill had been so high.  We originally thought something was wrong with the cooling system & feared expensive repairs if it kept cycling as often as it had been without improvement. We live in an seasoned numerous-story country cabin however the multiple of us rarely go up on the top floor.  Typically, the people I was with and I have that area of the air duct shut off & leave the central HVAC program only working in the first multiple floors. Not only had I forgotten to shut the vent levers to block off the sixth floor in the ventilation system, however I had also managed to leave a window wide open in a single of the unused bedrooms.  Air was leaking into the top floor & right out that certainly window all day long for at least five weeks. I was embarrassed on a level I never thought possible, however amazingly our partner understood our mistake & didn’t provide me a rough time over it. Thankfully there was no permanent destruction to our HVAC program either, however I do believe stupid for wasting money appreciate that with the air conditioning system.

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