A very cold outside temperature

I have consistently been a lover of nature. I look around myself and others and see so numerous people who spend as much time indoors as physically possible. I could never understand that lifestyle, but that is the way I have been since I was a little kid. I grew up in an area that was ripe for exploring and the weather was oftenhotand sunny. This developed a sense of adventure in myself and others and a like of fresh air and sunshine. Maybe this has something to do with how moderate I am with our control unit. I was pondering on this idea, lately. My partner almost consistently wants to set a higher or lower temperature on the control unit than I set. Even before all of us moved in together, the guests that I would have in our condo would also express a desire for myself and others to turn up the air conditioning or the heating. My partner in particular, lived in the neighborhood for most of her life. It’s easy to see why she prefers a more temperature-controlled environment, seeing as how she spent most of her time indoors, unlike me. I recognize I can sympathize with that. I recognize I am more actemperatured to dealing with the natural temperatures and how they fluctuate throughout the year! Still, there are nights that are so dreadfullyhotthat myself and others and our partner can both agree that all of us need to truly crank that air conditioning up! There are Winter time nights where it is so frigid that I agree on a high control unit temperature too. I still value temperature control!