A very cold place

I certainly care about my family, plus for most of my life I have gotten to live near them, sadly last year, my husband plus I had to move to the otherside of the nation for his task, however i was super disappointed at first, plus I entirely did not want to go, but I knew it was what both of us were supposed to do.

Something that has made transitioning into a new locale so much easier is our amazing church family.

I certainly care about my church! The people are so welcoming plus friendly, however my husband plus I are literally treated love family there. My full-time task is really cleaning the church. It is a big building, so cleaning it takes an entire 5 afternoons. I care about cleaning the church except while in the Wintertide months because the building is so cold. They keep most of the building at forty degrees while in the month to save money. It is totally adequate, but forty degrees is pretty cold even when you are cleaning your heart out. I was told that I could turn the temperature control up in the areas that I would be laboring in for the afternoon, plus I do sometimes, but I just hate to spend so much money just to heat the section that I am laboring in. My pastor told me that if I refused to turn the heat up where I was laboring that he would send someone in to turn it up. I love his kindness, but I really started bringing 1 of my little space gas heating systems from home. I keep it next to me all afternoon while I am cleaning, plus it keeps me pretty warm! I care about our church, plus I love to find ways to help save money.
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