A weekly maintenance routine

I lived in a apartment with many other guys during our last many years of college.

I could be untidy with our room & might occasionally leave out a single or 2 dirty dishes by accident, but nothing I could do ever came close to the degree of neglect I witnessed from our roommates.

No a single ever wanted to take responsibility for the space the two of us all shared as a communal home. This was in part because our roommates were all raised by wealthy families with maids who did every single facet of the housework. It took a feat of strength by all many of them to learn to do basic laundry for themselves, let alone even dream of preparing a condo cooked meal. It was no surprise that most evenings I saw take-out garbage piled on a single of the many family room counters. When I finally moved out on our own, I took a 172 degree turn with our cleanliness with our living space. I became seriously neat & tidy & developed bi-weekly, yearly, & weekly cleaning routines. The bi-weekly & yearly routines are fairly simply—garbage, dishes, dusting, & tidying are done bi-weekly, whereas vacuuming, mopping, & bathroom scrubbing is done each week. My weekly routine is more extensie, in part because of the cleaning task I do on our window cooling system. It has a removable filter that can be cleaned with soap & water & the tray that holds the filter in place gets cleaned with a special anti-microbial spray made for cooling systems & dehumidifiers. The spray doesn’t disfigure evaporator coils, which is perfect in this temperature because mold has a habit of showing up after long periods of heavy use. The spray removes that in seconds with little fuss, returning our component to pristine condition.


furnace/heater tune-up