AC makes a good home

      Late last month I called in the Heating & Air Conditioning business to have our air conditioner method diagnosed.  This is something we do every year, prior to when it will be used. The Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman showed up right on time, and he was doing his inspections when he stopped abruptly and came into the house.  He grabbed my partner and led him outside. I was thinking the worst as it went through my mind that we were going to need a new A/C unit. I could picture the thing being a mess and being unable to last another year.

             I waited for the verdict, since I didn’t want to go outside to see what was happening.  I watched as the Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman pointed inside the A/C unit. My partner was bent over and looked into the A/C unit, where the tech was pointing.  I saw him reach into the component and I walked away. I couldn’t handle seeing what was going on. It had to be bad if my partner was reaching in to touch something inside the A/C unit.  After the last disaster with him and the air conditioner, he swore off touching anything inside the A/C unit.

                A few minutes later, he came into the home and he was smiling.  I asked him what was going on outside. He handed me a puppy, that couldn’t have been  more than a month old. It barely had its eyes open and it was shivering.. Somehow it had got inside the air conditioner component and the mother had abandoned it.  I called the vet to find out how to take care of my new baby.

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