AC unit for Christmas

It’s funny how when you become an adult Christmas is not a big deal anymore.

In fact, when Christmas rolls around every year I like to ask for the most practical things I can think of.

That way, I don’t have to pay for them myself. I can accomplish my adult living goals and my bank account never has to suffer. Later down the road, maybe I’ll have some extra money that I would have otherwise spent on practical items and I can treat myself to something nice. if that doesn’t happen, at least I have everything I need for a comfortable life. That’s why this past year I exclusively asked for an air conditioning unit for Christmas. Whenever my friends are family members inquired, that is the only idea I gave them. I told them extensively about how my air conditioning unit was breaking down and needed a whole host of repairs from a professional cooling specialist. I told them that at this point the AC system was so old, I was better off purchasing a brand new cooling system for the house. I could eventually upgrade and connect it to a Smart thermostat, which would also help me to save money over time. Everyone heard this cooling system story from me leading up to the holiday. My strategy worked! On Christmas morning, I was thrilled to receive a gift certificate to my local heating and cooling specialist. This year, I’m going to have the coolest and freshest summer. Next year, I’ll save a ton of money after I ask for the smart thermostat.

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